17, Oct 2023
Playground Line Painting

playground line painting

Thermoplastics offer a great alternative to paint for playgrounds and sporting areas as they require little to no maintenance. They are easy to install, engaging to look at and will last much longer than paint, which means that they can provide significant cost savings.

Playground line painting is a specialised task and if you are looking to get the best results, then it is important to hire professional contractors who specialise in the work. This is because they will have the expertise and the equipment needed to perform the job effectively. They can also assist with the design process, ensuring that all of the markings are aligned properly with the desired layout. They can also assist with safety checks to ensure that the finished markings are safe for children to use. Read more https://playgroundpaintingideas.co.uk/

From Dull to Dynamic: Transforming Play Spaces with Playground Line Painting

Surface Preparation: The area should be clean and free of any debris or loose materials. This can be achieved by sweeping or power washing the area. The surface should also be primed if required. This will help to improve the adhesion of the paint and increase its durability.

Application: The thermoplastic material can be poured or extruded onto the playground surface to create the desired markings. This can be done using hand tools or a specialised applicator machine. Once the application is complete, it will need to be allowed to cool and cure before being used.

A fresh coat of playground line marking will brighten up tired old bitumen and make a real difference to the look of your school grounds. It will lift the appearance of your facility and show that maintaining your grounds is a priority.

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