23, Oct 2023
What Are Clinical Psychologists Most Likely to Be Involved in?

What Are Clinical Psychologists Most Likely to Be Involved In? Psychologists are involved in counseling/psychotherapy, research and teaching with individuals of all ages, groups (such as families, schools) and organizations. They work on mental health problems from minor adjustment difficulties to severe psychopathology. They also consult with doctors on physical issues that may have underlying psychological causes.

What degree is best for clinical psychology?

Counseling psychologists help people recognize their strengths and resources in coping with everyday problems and serious adversity. They pay special attention to the impact of differences among people (such as age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion) on psychological well-being.

Research psychologists study the ways that various biological, psychological and environmental factors contribute to human behavior. They also develop and standardize clinical tools for diagnostic assessment tests and examine their reliability and validity. Some researchers, especially those who specialize in developmental psychology and child psychology, also work with families to promote healthy child development.

Neuropsychologists, who are often allied with rehabilitation medicine, study how the brain creates, stores and processes information to control emotions, perception and action. They use specialized techniques such as positron emission tomography and functional magnetic resonance imaging to assess normal and abnormal brain function and the relationships between the brain, behavior and health.

Health psychologists, sometimes called applied psychologists, are concerned with psychology’s contribution to promoting health and preventing disease. They often work in specialty health clinics such as those for diabetes or hypertension and with primary care physicians to assist patients with behavioral aspects of their health care.

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