9, Jul 2023
The Evolution of the Jaguar E-Type

e type jaguar

The e type jaguar  is one of the most iconic cars ever produced. When the model first appeared in 1961 it was almost universally acclaimed as beautiful and a revelation in motoring terms. It was the first Jaguar to use independent rear suspension and its sleek design became a hallmark of Jaguars for four decades.

It was so popular that Jaguar were unable to keep up with demand and a huge waiting list formed. In the meantime, Jaguar was working hard to develop a modular 60-degree V8 and V12 engine with common parts to be used in a new generation of Jaguar sports cars which would be based on the 2+2 saloons.

However, Jaguar founder Sir William Lyons wanted a replacement for the E-type which could retail at a higher price to generate more profit. The result was project XJ27 which evolved into the XJ6 and XJ12 models.

The Golden Era: Jaguar Cars of the 1960s

In the end the XJ12 won out and the V12 powered version of the E-type was known as the Series 1 1/2. Autocar magazine tested a roadster fitted with the revised V12 engine and it performed well, managing 140mph with the hood up. The 0-60 time was 7.4 seconds.

The same tester, Denis Jenkinson, later spent a week in a Series 1 V12 Jaguar FHC, AWK 349B and concluded that for most normal driving he didn’t think the extra power was really needed. He said “The V12 did everything the 4.2 could do and more, but with less rpm available.

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