9, Jan 2024
Taking a Sensitivity Class

sensitivity class

For many companies, the most successful business solutions come from a diverse group of problem solvers. The ability of these groups to work with one another in an inclusive environment is what drives business productivity. This is why it’s so important to offer diversity and sensitivity training to employees at all levels, including managers.

The training is designed to help employees become more aware, tolerant, accepting, and appreciative of diversity. It also helps them overcome biases and prejudices by teaching empathy and understanding. This is done by facilitating in-depth discussions and group interactions to help members improve their relationships and communication with others in the workplace.

Cultivating Compassion: The Transformative Journey of a Sensitivity Class

Consider John, a manager in a call center. His team has been having a hard time getting along. They’re not helping each other out, they’re not attentive during meetings, and they don’t seem excited about off-site activities. He thinks it might be because of their different cultures, and he wants to try sensitivity class to see if it can help them understand each other better.

Coursera’s free sensitivity training course covers topics such as cultural diversity and cross-cultural management, with lessons on how to communicate with diverse teams. It also addresses the relationship between unconscious bias, inclusion, and discrimination. The course includes lesson videos, readings, and discussions, which can be taken at the pace of each student. It also has quizzes and assignments.

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