6, Jul 2023
Meathead Movers – Brawny Student Athletes Helping With Moving Needs

brawny movers

You might have seen them brawny movers around town – brawny, clean-cut student athletes assisting the city of San Luis Obispo and all of California with their moving needs in a unique show of customer service. They’re the Meathead Movers and their founders are 19 and 21 years old.

Brawny Movers: Your Reliable Partner for Heavy-Duty Moving


Aaron and Evan are trying to change society’s view of the moving industry and they’re doing it in a big way. Their team is so good at what they do that customers countywide sing their praises. Their biggest strength is their ability to move anything, including specialty items that other movers might not be able to handle. They charge on an hourly basis, which saves their clients money. Their new ads feature a lumberjack mascot, who’s a welcome departure from the typical paper towel commercial.

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