11, Dec 2023
Learn About IPQS Fraud Prevention Software

Learn about IPQS

There are a learn more about IPQualityScore of different fraud prevention tools and features that you can use with this software, all designed to help you safeguard your site or eCommerce store against various forms of digital crime. The system is designed to work completely automatically, scanning users and carrying out a wide range of checks every time someone visits or interacts with your site or app.

IPQualityScore Unveiled: A Comprehensive Guide to Enhancing Online Security

It can detect stolen credit cards, high risk user behavior, and suspicious payments, all without hurting the user experience for your trusted and legitimate customers. The software is able to do this thanks to its advanced detection and screening technology. This includes device fingerprinting, which helps to identify users who are using fake devices or emulators to spoof their identity, and payment screening, which checks for fraudsters with suspicious billing information or a history of fraudulent activity.

You can also use this software to prevent fraud through email, by using its spam and blacklist tools. These include an email validation service, which checks emails against a variety of databases and blocklists. It can also identify whether an email address is being used by a disposable email provider or has been involved in any other type of abusive activity online.

The software is incredibly easy to use, and it can be set up and configured quickly. The website offers a free plan that anyone can sign up for, as well as more comprehensive plans to suit larger businesses.

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