5, Mar 2024
How Do Vape Detectors Work?

do vape detectors work by detecting chemical changes in the air caused by the vapor and smoke produced by e-cigarettes. They can then silently alert those who are responsible for enforcing a no-vaping policy. They also provide useful information about what’s happening in the area, such as how much secondhand vape aerosol is being released, or that an incident of bullying has been detected (see video below).

Do Vape Detectors Work? Exploring Their Functionality and Effectiveness

Many school districts are concerned about students sneaking into bathrooms and locker rooms to vape, largely due to the seclusion of these areas and the expectation of privacy. While proposals to place cameras in these areas have been met with disapproval, the addition of vape detection systems can offer an alternative solution that doesn’t monitor students or their surroundings. Rather, vape detectors are designed to notify administrators of any prohibited activity in these areas of seclusion, and they will then take steps to prevent the behavior from occurring.

Most modern smoke and vape sensors are designed to detect THC oil as well as marijuana smoke using the same process of detecting vapor and secondhand aerosol. The system will then send a silent alarm to a list of people or groups tasked with responding to the incident, via mobile or desktop app notification, text, or email. The devices can also emit a sound and flash built-in lights similar to a fire alarm, if desired. The device can also use a variety of other options to account for discretion, such as detecting raised voices in areas where security cameras aren’t allowed.

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