16, Mar 2024
High Speed Roller Shutter Doors

High speed roller shutter doors provide the answer to the problems faced by commercial and industrial workplaces with old fashioned, slow shutter doors. Offering higher operating speeds, improved sealing and the ability to handle a high number of opening / closing cycles than traditional shutters, they are ideal for any environment where you value efficiency and want to reduce operational delays to increase daily productivity.

They work to optimise traffic flows and help regulate internal environments while also cutting energy bills. This is especially important for buildings with specific climatic requirements such as pharmaceutical labs or food processing units, where exact temperatures must be maintained at all times.

Maximizing Productivity with High-Speed Roller Shutter Doors

These fast shutters have a lightweight PVC curtain and powerful motors that allow them to achieve the high operating speeds on which they are designed. They can be reinforced with steel rods or laths for additional strength that will make them more resistant to impact damage and adverse weather conditions.

They are ideal for warehouses that see heavy foot and vehicle traffic, where the doors need to be able to withstand repeated operation without being damaged. They are also suitable for larger openings that can be subject to wind pressure. For these applications, a specialist manufacturer will be able to recommend the best option for your workplace, taking into account local wind speeds, size, and location of the doorway.

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