24, Dec 2023
Heat Treatment Services

The process of Heat treatment services involves heating and cooling metals in a controlled way to alter their physical and mechanical properties without changing their shape. This allows manufacturers to create better quality metal parts that are more durable and have desirable characteristics.

Is heat treatment expensive?

While many manufacturing operations use some form of heat treatment, specialized commercial and industrial companies specialize in specific processes such as annealing, carburizing, hardening and nitrocarburizing. These companies understand the intricacies and nuances of each process and can adjust them according to the needs of each customer.

Heat treating services are used across a variety of industries including automotive, construction, military and aerospace. They are also employed in other industries that rely on strong and durable metals such as hardware (including saws and axes), fine cutlery, stamping & forming and railroad components. By relieving internal stresses, heat treating helps make metal components more ductile and less prone to distortion during further machining or final assembly.

While these processes are highly useful, they also come with a few risks that must be carefully monitored. If not properly regulated and executed, they can have disastrous results by creating parts that aren’t capable of handling the rigors for which they were designed. Therefore, it’s critical to choose a qualified and experienced heat treatment service provider. Choosing the right equipment to handle the various thermal treatments is essential as well. The General Kinematics SPIRA-FLOW vibrating conveyor is ideal for this type of application because it can transport a large volume of material in a compact space.

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