15, Nov 2023
Glasses Direct Review

glasses direct

A pioneer among independent direct-to-consumer online glasses direct, Warby Parker keeps its curated selection of stylish frames at reasonable prices relative to brick-and-mortar shops. The site’s shopping tools are simple and helpful, with a home trial that lets you try out four pairs for free.

The sizable online retailer is owned by Optimax, the biggest eyeglass company in Europe, and offers plenty of familiar names alongside house brands such as Muse, Ottoto, and Revel. A wide range of styles and price points means there’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for oversized aviators or chunky acetate, retro or futuristic. A streamlined checkout and superior VR/AR try-on tools make this an excellent choice for busy people.

Fashion for Your Face: Choosing the Perfect Frames with Glasses Direct

A specialist in performance eyewear, Tifosi focuses on well-thought-out, practical frames and sunglasses for active people. Our sample pair — with a progressive prescription and Fototec photosensitive lenses that also provide antifog, antireflective, and blue light protection — was impressively lightweight and grippy enough to stay in place while working out. While it’s harder to find good performance glasses than the ubiquitous cheap options available online (and in retail), Tifosi delivers a nice middle ground.

Despite its name, Overnight Glasses isn’t actually able to produce prescription glasses overnight, but it does offer a very quick turnaround and competitive pricing. A basic pair of single-vision glasses with no tints or coatings costs less than at many other online stores, but a high-index progressive prescription and premium coatings will add on another $200 or more.